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ClotIt® 1 oz/ ok. 30 ml

78.00 zł

Small enough to fit in your pocket - we hope you do not need it, but you will be happy if you do.

ClotIt® 5 oz / ok. 150 ml

185.00 zł

Good size for larger animals

ClotIt® Sterylizowana butelka zewnętrzna do użytku w sali operacyjnej .33 oz / ok. 10 ml - 6 szt.

625.00 zł

Sterilized outer bottle for use in operating room environment (intended for veterinarians)


575.00 zł

A simple penis enlargement treatment (Andropenis basic)

Andropenis® Gold

900.00 zł

Andropenis® Gold will be received by you within 14 days

Andropenis® Mini

965.00 zł

Andropenis® mini will be received by you within 14 days


900.00 zł

Straighten up your act

ClotIt® Apteczka pierwszej pomocy dla zwierząt

[Dostępne różne wersje]
100.00 zł

This Equine First-Aid kit is perfect when you're on the trail with your horse. It includes: