ClotIt® Sterylizowana butelka zewnętrzna do użytku w sali operacyjnej .33 oz / ok. 10 ml - 6 szt.

625.00 zł

Sterilized outer bottle for use in operating room environment (intended for veterinarians)

ClotIt VET is indicated in external medical procedures (except ophthalmic) as an adjunctive hemostatic device to assist when control of venous or capillary bleeding by pressure, ligature, and other conventional procedures is ineffective or impractical.

ClotIt VET is a device designed for application to wound sites as a hemostat. ClotIt VET is an all-natural mineral based technology that incorporates hydrophilic particles that work to rapidly absorb plasma at the wound site. Its patent-pending technology rapidly initiates clotting and stops bleeding. This product does not contain any human or animal components. It is a sterilized white powder and is non-pyrogenic, non-cytotoxic, and biocompatible.


ClotIt VET consists of hydrophilic molecules that enhances natural hemostasis by ionically attracting blood particles such as platelets, red blood cells, and blood proteins and activating factor XII of the coagulation cascade to greatly speed up the body’s own natural clotting process. The fine mineral particles of ClotIt VET form as part of the clot, creating a solid, absorbable plug at the wound site.